What is it ?

NFSP tries and implements a distributed NFS2 server. Two versions are available a user mode one based on the user mode NFS daemon and a kernel mode one based on the kernel mode NFS daemon.
A node is chosen to act as server of metadata (and will run the *nfsd), other nodes have to be chosen to be I/O nodes and have to run a storage server (iodng).
Every other node (but the metadata sever) may be a client, using a standard mount -t nfs.


The tarballs are available here (the latest is probably the best ;-). Be sure to check the NFSP.htm long all-in-1 documentation shipped with the tarball.


This package is released under the same licence as the Linux User space NFS server that is: BSD-style with GPLv2 portions.
The code of which we are the authors is released under a GPLv2 License (kernel patch, miscellaneous administrative tools, ...)
IANAL but, if you edit, modify, redistribute this software with the source code and if credits are given properly, then it's OK. Other cases may be trickier...
This software is a work in progress and therefore may crash your system, compromise your servers, or (more) likely (and seriously) corrupt your data and, as stated in the GPL, you have no warranty.

Papers/slides/reports related to NFSP

Warning: Please note the documents released here are only distributed for educational and research purposes. For any other purposes, you will have to contact the publisher/editor.
If you need some BibTeX entries, get them here.


The NFSP team is composed of Yves Denneulin, Adrien Lebre, Olivier Valentin and myself. Feel free to contact me (or any other team member at for anything related to NFSP (bugs, comments, ideas, ...) Note that writing the word [nfsp] somewhere in the subject of your mail may help it going into the right mailbox.

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